Facebook API

Since this page is related to Facebook, you need to set a FB API Key and FB App Secret in App Dashboard > App Settings > Facebook.

OIn Order to get a FB API key and FB App Secret, you will have to create an App on your Facebook account. Creating an App will take you a few minutes.
Login to your Facebook account and go to the Developer page: https://developers.facebook.com/apps

Click on the "Create a new App" button

Set an App name (the name does not necessary needs to be the same as the one used for the SeattleClouds App). Leave blank the other 2 fileds. 

After you click "continue", please fill out only the fields marked with red.

* Make sure you disable the sandbox mode.
* Bundle ID can be any ID (e.g. com.appname.domain)
* If the App is not published yet, leave the 'iPhone App Store ID" and "iPad App Store ID" fields blank.

Once you are done, click "save". Set the FB API Key and FB App secret that you see on the top of the page in App Dashboard > App Settings > Facebook.

Let's see now how the page looks on the device

Once you press on the "Check-In" button , a popup window will show up. Here you can login with Facebook. 

On the Facebook website, the shared post will look like this.

* Google Map link - will redirect you to the coordinates you have set.
* iTunes Link- is the URL link you have set in App Dashboard > App Settings > General > Share link: (application link in App Store)