Getting the Google Maps Android API v2

1. Go to App Dashboard → Application Settings → Platform Specific Options → Google Maps API Key.

Copy the SHA-1 fingerprint: 9E:DF:7F:E1:2E:D2:A2:47:2F:B0:7D:F1:E3:98:D1:03:9B:9D:2F:5D

2. Create a project for your application in the Google Developer Console.

3.  Add your Project Name and Project ID

4.  Select APIs & auth from the left navigation bar. Scroll down until you see Google Maps Android API v2. To the right of the entry, click the on the OFF indicator and turn it ON.

5. Obtaining an API Key

In the left navigation bar, click Credentials. Then click CREATE NEW KEY  → Android Key

6.  Obtain the API Key for your app by adding our SHA1 fingerprint and package name (separated by a semicolon) per line. Example:


**NOTE: For the NEW apps please use the same identifier (package name) that you'll add in the App Submission process. Step 9.4 in the "How to publish your app on Google Play Store" tutorial. Please make sure to use lowercase letters ONLY in the Android App Identifier (package name).

7. Copy this key value and paste in the Application Settings → Platform Specific Options → Google Maps API Key