Notes Page Type Tutorial

Notes page is native for iPhone. What you see on web simulator is just an image. Thus, you are actually not able to edit this page type.

In order for the Notes page to appear in your app while testing it on a device, you need to make sure to link to another local page thus having access to it. I.e. you may add a button on a tab2.html page that once tapped will bring you to the notes page. 

Here's how the Notes page looks like on a device: 

- List of notes

- Notes editing window

- Notes editing window with the pop-up keyboard

Also, please, take into consideration that Notes page has the autosave feature enabled thus, you may simply type in the data, then tap somewhere on the text field (not on the keyboard) and thus, the note will be automatically saved. 

When done with specifications the event will be listed in the calendar.

Outdated or cancelled events can be deleted. 

In the "Day" view mode one can see the hours of the event. 

Each event category can be distinguished by its color.