Purchase type page represents an advanced alternative to the buy:// scheme used in SC to link to In-App Purchase products within your app.  

Parameters used for the buy:// scheme are hardcoded with specific handlers hosted on SC website. Using Purchase page offers the users possibility to manage by themselves the server side (database), editing the parameters listed below:

Product ID:
1) ID of the In-App Purchase product created on iTunes Connect (tutorial available at http://seattleclouds.com/IAP).

In-App Purchase ID example: com.myinappurchase.myappname

2) Page (or URL) to open if transaction successful (required) - link to the page containing the content of the InAppPurchase product (the page user will be redirected after paying). It can be internal URL or external.

3) External URL to request to register transaction (optional) - link to an external URL where user may register the transaction in a database information (e.g. product ID, device ID, status of payment, etc.).

4) If Cancel is pressed, Page (or URL) will be opened (optional): link to a Page or External URL (user will be redirected to if canceling purchase).

5) External URL to request to notify about transaction (optional): link to an external URL to a handler emailing to the user a purchase confirmation message, etc.