Touch Design - Tutorial and How to Use

Touch Design Page type is more than just a fun page to use in your app - it’s a powerful and useful tool for creating real sports strategies and tactics or for having a drawing board in your app. 

With this simple yet incredibly versatile page type, you can create, save and share complex sports tactics or kids drawings.

How to add and edit:

1. In order to add a new Touch Design page to your app access its Dashboard. Go to Edit Pages menu then click the "+" (Add New Page) button.

From the list of the page types available select the Touch Design one and click the "Create" button. Once the page is added, you are able to proceed with editing it.

2.  Edit this page by adding a background and your Touch Design resources

2.1  Choose from your App Resource Manager a background image
2.2  Click the "+" button for adding a new resource (pin, dot etc.)
2.3  Click the "-" button for deleting a resource
2.4  Choose from your App Resource Manager a resource image
2.5  Mark this check box if you want to enable resource image rotation

**NOTE: The page displayed in iPhone simulator on the left is for illustration purposes ONLY. It is just an image and there are NO clickable areas. Please preview this page using SeattleClouds app for iPhone/iPod Touch  or  SeattleClouds app for iPad


**NOTE: If you need a drawing board without any markers and with white background skip Step 2.

How to use:

Preview this page on a real device (I used an iPad 3). I tried to create a basketball attack tactic.

- Move page elements

 - Eraser

 - Markers. By taping this button you will find your resource files. Also in this category you will find an Add Text option

 - Pencil

- Clear Drawing Table

- Hide/Show toolbar

- Share or Save your drawing