How To Publish App To Appstore

How to customize a previewer application?

In short time after you'll request the Brandless Previewers option in support ticket, you'll find 4 new apps in your Application List on Appsmoment, these are App Previewer applications for all supported Appsmoment Platforms:
- iPhonePreviewer
- iPadPreviewer
- AndroidPreviewer
- KindlePreviewer

The Previewer apps are not just simple apps. This is a tool, a hardcoded tool that has very limited things to be customized. 

You can not use these options from Previewer app dashboard to customize this tool: 

- Backup/ Restore
- Edit Pages 
- Page Settings 
- Design Properties 
- Navigation Settings 
- Newsstand Properties / Content Publishing 
- Class Manager

Bellow you will find a tutorial how to customize an iPhone previewer, these steps are similar for every previewer:
        1) Go to My Applications -> iPhonePreviewer's Dashboard -> AppStore Properties - Here you need to fill-in fields with your app information and resources.

2) Go to My Applications -> iPhonePreviewer's Dashboard -> App Multimedia - Please upload the App Graphics. Application icons and Splash Screen images for your Previewer Application.

3) Next step is to replace all "SAMPLE" resources that are not listed in AppStore Properties or App Multimedia.
Go to My Applications -> iPhonePreviewer's Dashboard -> Edit Pages -> Resource Manager - Here you will need just to replace all "SAMPLE" images and icons from Resource Manager (file names are Key Sensitive)

Images you need to change:

previewer_help_logo.png - 28x28px
previewer_help.png - from 320x640 px
previewer_logo.png - from 320x50px
previewer_sync_logo.png - 28x28px

**NOTE: You should customize your Previewers as is described in this step by step tutorial. Any other customizations will break this tool and will make it useless. You can not Synchronize this tool from the App Dashboard and can not Duplicate a Previewer. You will not be able to publish a previewer app if you'll change the AppID.

How to publish a previewer application?

For publishing a previewer application you'll need to send request to our support ticket and order the publishing. 

Also, please choose in submission process the "Build & Publish under my account" option.