Voice Record List page Type Tutorial

The Voice Record List Page Type will allow the users of the application to share recorded voice messages.

In order to add a Voice Record List page type you need to access your Application's Dashboard and go to "Edit pages" section. Click on Add New Page button, the "+" button below the list of the currently available pages.

1- Select the Voice Record List Page Type
2- Press Create

After you complete these steps a new Voice Record List page will appear in your application dashboard. As this type of page can't be edited, you only need to link it within the application.

This can be accomplished by adding a Voice Record List Button linked to the Voice Record List Page Type

3 - Add a new Menu Item in either of the Menu Type pages (in the example was used the Stripes Menu Page Type)
4 - Link the new created Menu item to the proper Voice Record List page that you have added in your application

Note : This Page Type can be viewed and inspected through the SeattleClouds Previewer Application
As a result when opened via the SeattleClouds Previewer Application you will receive the following  :