WaveFront Page Type

With WaveFront Obj page type you can import and view your own textured models.
3D Objects properties required by WaveFront Page type:
           1.  Triangular Faces.
          2.  Objects and material names shouldn't contain spaces.
How to create WaveFront Obj page:
1. Create new page:

2.1. Upload Zip archive with object files.

2.2. Enter 3d object name. ("Name" field):
Note: "Name" should be the same as Object name from zip archive. 

On the WaveFron Obj Page are some control buttons:
          1.  "Auto rotate" - Rotate 3d model automatic.
          2.  "Slider" - Change background brightness (white -> black).
          3. "Reset" - Reset "Auto rotate" and "Backgroud" to defaults.


NOTE: WaveFront Obj page is available only for iOS applications and can be previewed only on the seattleclouds previewer app.